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Hey folks,
Time has finally come to start this new adventure in the extreme underground panorama and it's with the debut album of our band Rabid Dogs that we start our activity.

Rabid Dogs homonym album, recorded at Alien Recording Studio (Tools Of Torture, Bowel Stew, SpermBloodShit, Rising Moon) and with the colourful artwork by PainSugar, contains 15 songs of intense and frantic grind 'n' roll.

Here the tracklist:
01 - Intro
02 - Rabid Dogs
03 - Sex, Drugs & Corruption
04 - Politicians
05 - Cop's Blood
06 - Gang War
07 - The Big Racket
08 - Fernet Death Squad
09 - Killer Elite
10 - The Poo Man
11 - Those Of The Uno Bianca
12 - Bankrobbers
13 - Don Carlos
14 - Self-Made Justice
15 - A Dangerous Toy
The album is available on our merch desk during Rabid Dogs shows and on the Rabid Dogs' official website - Paypal payments and PostePay recharges (only in Italy) are allowed.
For every enquire about sellings, please contact Rabid Dogs at : 
merchandise [at]
Zines/Radios interested in reviews or interviews, contact Rabid Dogs at:
info [at]
Labels/Bands asking for trades, contact us at 
doncarlosprod [at]
Grind Onhttp://www.rabiddogs.itshapeimage_4_link_0
Hey punks
Don Carlos Productions is happy to let you know that in October 2010 is planned the second official release of our label.
We'll produce, along with others underground labels, the debut album of EAT YOU ALIVE, brand new Italian fastcore band with members from Antisexy and L'Arto.

Check the band on MySpace - - or Facebook - - and stay tuned for further info about this upcoming blasting thrashcore release!
2 new bands enter the Don Carlos Productions family!

FATAL NUNCHAKU, powerviolence from France - - and SLAKTRENS, fastcore from Sweden - - will release their next albums under a co-productions between Don Carlos Productions, Teriak Records, Suffering Jesus Records & many others extreme music labels worlwide.

Release dates are scheduled for October/November.

Stay tuned for more info, sickos!
Don Carlos Productions welcomes to the family the FATAL NUNCHAKU's first full-lenght CD.
"PAVING STONE UNDER THE BEACH" will blast your heads away with 18 tracks of raw and blasting powerviolence from this French trio.
Check out their official MySpace and contact us to get your copy!
Trades are welcome!
Another killer release for Don Carlos Productions!
From the cold lands of Sweden came SLAKTRENS with their "STRALANDE TIDER" CD: 20 songs of fast 80's style hardcore in the vein of Dropdead, Rovsvett, Infest.
Check out their website and don't forget to order your copy at doncarlosprod [at]
Trades are welcome!
The long awaited EAT YOU ALIVE debut album is finally out!
"THE LAST STAGE DIVING" is an album of raging fastcore, perfectly performed by this Italian combo with members from Antisexy.
Ask for your copy at doncarlosprod [at] and check out their facebook profile
Don Carlos Productions is happy and proud to welcome in our family DEMENTIA SENEX
Their first EP "HEARTWORM" will be out on April 7th through Don Carlos Productions and Drown Within Records.
Pre-order your copy now at: doncarlosprod [at] rabiddogs.it
Hey folks, is finally time for another DCP release:
"Will you marry me?" is the first record for MyManMike, great thrashcore band from South Corea, and also our first vinyl ever released: we couldn't start this new chapter better than this !
Check out their tunes and order your copy writing here or at doncarlosprod [at]
Hello sickos
It's out on Don Carlos Productions a tasty tidbit for every grindcore/noise lover! 
"DEFENDERS OF THE NOISE - A TRIBUTE TO ANAL CUNT" gathers together 27 AxCx cover songs from 22 underground bands, including Pulmonary Fibrosis, Bestial Devastation, Mixomatosis, Cannibe, Rectal Smegma and many others!
The definitive tribute album that can't miss in every extreme underground music collection, grab your copy before it's too late!
Out now on Don Carlos Productions "Keep Going Nowhere", the debut 12" LP for No Confidence, brand new HC band with members of Airesis, KatexMoshx, Taste The Floor, Mascons and more.
Check out some tunes here: and let's support the underground, dudes!http://noconfidence.bandcamp.comshapeimage_25_link_0
Mincecore gods meet the italian die-hard grindguys from Neid for a unique grindcore split.
No extra words needed: take it or die!

Out soon on Don Carlos Productions: pre-order your copy before it'll be too late!
The bad taste alliance between the French gore masters and the creators of the lovely spermish punk: a must-have for every grindgore sickos worldwide!

Out in May/June 2014!